Association Management Software for BIA and Chamber of Commerce


Everything you need to help your BIA or Chamber of Commerce grow

How does TrustD help your BIA or Chamber of Commerce grow? TrustD provides association management software to increase customer engagement and support community businesses by making it easy for residents and visitors to discover local deals, events, post announcements, and network with other community stakeholders!

Tools to manage your BIA and Chamber of Commerce


BIAs host local events and festivals for residents and sponsors to discover


Network with community stakeholders by making posts or using the coffee connect feature 

member features

Share skills and resources

Connect with individuals to grow your skill-set and share resources with your connections

User Types

discover community

Association Admin/Business Features

Community Analytics

Maintain and track community engagement analytics

BIA Events and Festivals

Share event and festival posts with your community

Post announcements

Keep your residents and BIAs informed and up to date with community news

Member Features

Create Posts

Users can post announcements regarding their business to keep the community informed

Find Events

Residents discover local events and sign-up for volunteer opportunities


Members can network with community stakeholders according to skills and interests