Residential Community

residential community family

Communicate quickly and easily with your entire residential community

Easily send event, service notifications, and waste reduction tips to your residential community easily using our custom admin dashboard. Building handbooks and documents can also be stored on TrustD, and are easily discoverable by admin and residents using the marketplace.

Reduce waste fees through fun recycling initiatives

Create fun quizzes, polls, and challenges to encourage residents to recycle! TrustD also helps to divert items from the landfill by making it easy for residents to giveaway items to the community using the marketplace. Residents earn badges and points for participation. Points are redeemable at local vendors for free stuff.

Insightful analytics to understand your resident's needs

Measure and monitor resident engagement, and find out what is important to them. Our reporting feature will help you determine the most popular events, initiatives, and content in your building, and which areas need improvement.

Tools to grow your Building Space community

nextdoor neighbor

Event Creation

Residents and Administrators create events to support community-building

residential community recycling

Recycling Initiative

Residents fill out fun surveys to learn more about recycling best practices 

community building women talking and laughing

Neighbour Connect helps residents find and connect with each other

User Types

network like a pro

Admin Features

Verified Events

Create verified events for your community

Community Access

Invite members to join your trusted community

Knowledge Share

Share pdfs, URLs and videos to enhance learning

Surveys and Polls

Share knowledge and discover what matters to your residents
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Member Features

Member Connect

Find other Residents who share your interests


Discover events, surveys and community information

Share Post

Create events share knowledge with your community

Vendor Offers

Enjoy discounts at local vendors